Important values for Allias Trad: Rigour, quality and respect for deadlines.

Rigour, quality and respect for deadlines.

Rigour is defined by the Larousse as “the character of someone, of something that is distinguished by perfect accuracy, logic, precision”. This characteristic corresponds to the key principle of my work. Through my in-depth research, unfailing curiosity, and my taste for precision, I always deliver translations that have been the subject of a detailed study for an optimal result.

The quality of a translation is measured when the result is such that the reader does not realize that it is a translation, as the vocabulary is adequate and the syntax is accurate. To achieve this level of quality, my work is divided into four phases:
– terminological research on the subject to be translated
– document translation
– revision by comparing the source document step by step (text to be translated) and the target document (translated text)
– proofreading by reading only the target document (the translation) to ensure that the text is naturally translated into its target language

Timeliness is an essential value for both the customer and for myself. Punctual in nature, I pay particular attention to the timely delivery of an order. Also, in the event of an urgent translation, I would only undertake to do it if I am sure I can deliver it to you on time, given its volume and difficulty.